Terms Glossary

Order ID - Your order number attached to the purchase when it is made. All Etix order IDs are nine (9) digits with no letters.

Tickets Not Available - This means any unsold tickets for that specific event are unavailable and most likely are in other customers' shopping carts. If those customers do not complete their transaction, the tickets will be released back to the system for sale within 10-25 minutes.

Best Available - This option finds the best available tickets at the time of the search.

Section - This indicates specific section of the venue (ie. section 101, section 102, section 201).

Location - This indicates the area of the tickets (ie. first floor vs second floor or orchestra vs mezzanine, etc).

Seating Chart - This allows specific seat selection with an interactive seating chart. Also known as the Select-A-Seat.

Price Level - This finds the best ticket(s) at a specified price.

Reserved Seating - A specific section, row and seat number are assigned during the purchase process. Some events can also be reserved by section, which means you will be seated in your purchased section upon arrival

GA - This stands for General Admission. This means you will be seated or standing and may select your spot when you arrive, based on availability.

SRO - This means Standing Room Only. SRO sections or events are always General Admission and often offer no seating options.

Not Enough Adjacent Seats - This error occurs most often with seated events when there are not enough seats in any row for what you are requesting.

Countdown - You are allowed up to 10 minutes to complete your purchase from the moment tickets enter your cart. This is to prevent tickets being held in carts indefinitely for popular events.

Continue Shopping - This option brings you to the venue's calendar or list of performances.

Add More Tickets - This option brings you to the previous event sales page.

Remove Seat - Eliminates the specific ticket from your cart.

Clear Shopping Cart - Removes all tickets from your cart.

Delivery Method - This must be selected for all Etix orders prior to payment.

Will Call - This refers to picking up your tickets from the venue box office up to one hour prior to your event. You will need your Order ID and photo ID to pick up Will Call tickets.

Print At Home - This refers to digital tickets which are printed via your confirmation email. If you need to resend your confirmation email to yourself, click here!

Miscellaneous Info - If you have chosen to have your tickets sent in the mail, additional boxes appear in case the shipping address is different from the billing address. Some venues or events may also request additional information, such as any guests that are accompanying the customer to the event or a question about how you heard about the event.

Presale - Ticket sales that are opened before the public on-sale.

BOGO - Buy One, Get One is a deal typically associated with a promo code or requires a specific amount of tickets to be purchased on an order.

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