Why won’t Etix let me buy Print-At-Home tickets after I enter my zip code?

Some venues have a delivery restriction on their events based on your billing address zip-code. Customers purchasing tickets with a registered billing address outside of the venue's set restriction radius (often in miles) will only be offered Will Call as a delivery option. Unfortunately this can not be changed.

As a contracted ticket company, Etix must abide by the rules and regulations set by the venue or event promoters regarding ticket delivery.

If you attempt to change your zip code during the purchase process, you will receive the error “Zip Code Can Not Modify”, which means your zip code was entered incorrectly on the delivery method page and does not match your billing or shipping information entered. Etix will auto-populate the zip code into the following screens, so it must be 100% accurate. If an incorrect zip code is entered, we recommend using a separate browser or clearing the history/cache/cookies from your current browser before attempting the transaction again.

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