I purchased tickets to an Etix event, but I cannot access them. Can Etix help me?

Etix is a contracted, primary ticketing company that sells tickets to various events and venues on their behalf via the Etix.com webpage. Prices are set by our partners and Etix does not alter this pricing for any reason. If you have purchased tickets to an event sold by Etix, please verify the purchase was made via the Etix website or via one of our partners' websites by doing the following:

  • Search for your confirmation email (sent from confirmation@etix.com) in your email inbox and spam folder. This will have your ticket information, a nine digit confirmation number our Customer Support can use to assist you with any further validation of your purchase (pending your billing and payment method verification) as well as allow you to send in a Customer Support Form via a link located at the bottom of the email for further assistance.
  • Use our Order Lookup tool for assistance with finding your order if you cannot locate your confirmation email. This will require your email used when making your purchase as well as your last 4 digits on your credit card used for purchasing the tickets.
  • Check the email (where applicable) you received when you purchased the tickets and ensure it came from confirmation@etix.com. If the email came from any other vendor, personal or professional, your tickets were not purchased from Etix.com nor one of our partners' websites and you must reach out to that vendor directly for further assistance with any ticketing inquiries (such as refund, exchange, etc.) as Etix cannot verify nor assist with resold tickets, even those originally purchased by the reseller from Etix.com or our partners' venue and/or event websites.
If these options do not assist you in finding and verifying your purchase, please click HERE to file a Customer Support Form for additional assistance in locating your order.

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