Why are there no tickets available for an event that just went onsale?

Some shows are highly anticipated and may have a high volume of customers trying to access tickets as soon as they go on sale. The system processes requests in the order in which they are received, but the difference in getting tickets can be a fraction of a second when site traffic is extremely high.

During a very popular on-sale, it is possible to receive a message that says seats are currently unavailable. This is a result of all ticket inventory being carted by other customers attempting to purchase the same event. If a customer begins the purchase process and decides not to complete their purchase, their seats are released back for sale after 10-15 minutes. This allows customers equal opportunity to seat/inventory selection, and prevents any possibility of double-booking.

When messaging displays Tickets are Currently Not Available, we recommend refreshing your browser occasionally as ticket inventory has not sold out. As unpurchased tickets are returned to available inventory, your session will need to be refreshed to show the most current availability. However, it is NOT recommended to refresh your page or use the back button once you've selected tickets and added them to your shopping cart. Use the buttons at the top of the shopping cart to Continue Shopping to continue browsing tickets for the same venue or Add More Tickets if you wish to add additional tickets from the same event.

It is always recommended to review your shopping cart before entering any payment information to ensure your seat location, event, and performance date are correct. Also be sure to review any discount or offer codes were applied. Policies set forth by our clients may prohibit Etix from issuing exchanges or refunds after a ticket has been purchased. This includes retro-actively applying discounts if a code was not provided at sale.

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