What methods of payment does Etix accept to purchase?

Etix processors accept all major credit cards, however some of our clients may choose to utilize their own payment processor when selling their tickets through Etix.com – these processors may have restrictions on card type/brands being accepted. This also includes PayPal.

When the message "Sorry, this card is not accepted" displays, it is often due to the venue or event not accepting the card type being used (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, etc.) and this cannot be changed. We recommend attempting your purchase with a different card type, if possible.

Internationally-issued cards (including those from Canada or Mexico) are also sometimes affected by this issue, as some events only allow US-based payment methods.

While making an online purchase, Etix does not allow multiple payment methods to be used (ie. using two different debit cards to split a payment on an order).

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