What if my refund went back to an expired or canceled card?

If the card used at the time of purchase has been compromised or expired and replaced, your bank account number would not change. Thus, the refund would still apply to your account, regardless of the card number changing. If you still have an account with this bank / card issuer the refund will likely be transferred with no further action necessary on your part. We recommend speaking with your bank / card issuer to confirm whether or not your refund will be processed back to your account.

If you have another account with the same financial institution, the refund may be transferred with no further action needed on your part. If you no longer have any accounts with the financial institution, a refund usually comes in the form of a check, but each financial institution is different.

If your account was closed and you no longer have an account with that banking institution, Etix may be able to issue the refund in the form of a check. Supporting documentation is required to issue a refund check. Please fill out the Customer Support Form linked at the bottom of your confirmation email for further assistance for closed accounts.

We recommend contacting your financial institution for further information regarding refunds to inactive accounts.

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