Do I need to take any action if my event has been canceled or postponed?

Etix will email all online customers as soon as we have been notified by the venue\promoter of an event postponement or rescheduling. This email will usually contain information regarding the new date (if available) and the refund options available to you. 

If an event is canceled and not rescheduled, upon formal notification from the event promoter, we will email all online customers and refunds will automatically be applied to the credit card used by the customer at the time of purchase. 

All ticketed events are scheduled to take place regardless of weather conditions. Sometimes weather or other outside considerations make the performance impossible to complete. In such instances, the event venue or the event promoter is charged with making the final determination of cancellation and refund availability. Etix will automatically issue refunds ONLY if an event is canceled in its entirety. Refunds for rescheduled shows will be provided only with the venue or promoter's consent 

Never discard hard tickets for a canceled\postponed\rescheduled events as their return is often required to get a refund when an event has been rescheduled.

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